Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Green/Yellow Switch US Layout FRML RZ03-04680100-R3M1 / RZ03-04681800-R3M1

Variation: RZ03-04680100-R3M1
Sale price₱14,690.00


Green Switch - precise, tactile, and audible

Green Switches are Razer's mechanical switches that provide a tactile and clicky feel, meaning they give clear physical feedback and an audible click when a key is pressed. These switches are suitable for users who prefer a firm and clear feel and enjoy the sound of a physical click.

Razer Chroma™ RGB

Razer Chroma™ RGB is a customizable RGB lighting system that allows you to change your Razer keyboard's lighting with various colors, effects, and animations. It offers millions of color and style options, enabling you to create unique and personalized visual experiences that suit your gaming style, setup, and preferences.

Razer Command Dial and 8 macro keys

The Razer™ Command Dial and 8 macro keys provide you with greater control and convenience when using games and productivity software. The Command Dial is a rotatable knob that allows you to easily navigate and adjust various settings like volume or media playback. The 8 macro keys enable you to program customized shortcuts and sequences to optimize your gaming or workflow, making actions faster and more efficient.

Magnetic wrist rest

The magnetic soft underglow wrist rest offers increased comfort and style. The wrist rest provides soft and comfortable support during long gaming or work sessions. The magnetic attachment makes installing and removing the wrist rest easy. The underglow function adds even more appeal to the keyboard and provides a visual effect that complements the Razer Chroma™ RGB lighting system.

Roller and 4 media keys

The multi-function roller and 4 media keys allow you to quickly and conveniently control volume, playback, and other media settings. The roller enables smooth and precise adjustments, while the media keys provide quick access to common functions like play, pause, previous and next track. These features make using the keyboard easier and help players focus on the game or work without taking their hands off the keyboard.

USB-C connection

Included are 2 braided USB-A -> USB-C connection cables for standard keyboard connection and USB passthrough. The cables are durable and provide a reliable connection between the computer and keyboard. The USB passthrough function allows users to connect other USB devices, such as a mouse or flash drive, to the keyboard, offering convenience and keeping the desk tidy.

Aluminum construction

The keyboard is made from a 5052 aluminum alloy, which provides a lightweight but extremely durable and strong construction. This material gives the keyboard a long lifespan and stability.

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